Who am I, you ask?

I’m “some guy”. Bit of a nerd, but I’ll go outside if there’s something interesting going on. This is my “About” page – I’ll probably change it / add to it later. I have things to say, so might as well say them here.

What I do

Generally I write about games I’ve played, books I’ve read and about my arguably unhealthy habit of spending way too much money on mechanical keyboards. No, I’m not talking about designer, small-series individual keycaps – I don’t own any of those (… any more. I”M WORKING ON IT, OKAY?)

Tried writing a blog before – couldn’t keep an interest. Why should this time be any different? I’m not saying it will, ask me in a year or so.

Why Bitter Vet?

I have pretty polarized views on things. I’ve been called one, in gaming-related contexts over the years. So, so I got this domain when I had the chance, more as a joke at the time, thinking it’d make for a good email address. Moving right along,

Things I care about:

  • The state of the gaming industry (although, fuck triple A titles coming out these days, with micro-transactions in paid titles and loot crates. And fuck mobile games)
  • Sci-fi (books, movies, whatever) – I read/listen to/watch a lot of this stuff so expect me to write a bunch about this general domain
  • Space exploration (the real kind)
  • Mechanical keyboards. Everyone on this planet should have one. Preferably of the clicky variety. If you can’t/won’t buy one, make one. That is all.

Why should you care?

I don’t know – don’t. Or do, whatever floats your boat. If you do, leave a comment on the thing you care about, or get in touch on twitter, or (FML) facebook.


  • I don’t sell links, do not ask me to.
  • I don’t do sponsored posts without disclosure.
  • I will on occasion employ affiliate links. These are reserved for products and services that I can wholeheartedly recommend.
  • No electronic arts. No ubisofts. Also, Fuck konami.


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