EVE Online Boot.ini – 10 Years Later. Lest we Forget.

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of the EVE Online Boot.ini fiasco. A moment of silence please for all those Windows XP machines so badly mangled that day.

Alright. For those whose memory does not stretch so far back, here’s a small history lesson.

On December 5th 2007, EVE Online’s winter expansion for that year, called Trinity had been released. It promised great improvements to EVE’s graphics engine, but it also caused a bit of a problem. During the update, the installer also deleted “c:\Boot.ini” – a configuration file pretty much essential in telling a Windows PC how to boot.

Now, this thing didn’t happen to affect me personally at the time. I still remember I hadn’t been home on December 5th, and by the time I got back news of the problem was already all over the internet. Of course, at the time this was A Big Deal™  and many keys were smashed in the process of typing out the woes and lamentations of EVE players that were affected. CCP released the explanation of how this situation exactly came to pass some days later, in a dev blog. If you are so inclined, go read it here.

‘Remember, remember!
The fifth of November December,
The Boot.ini treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Boot.ini treason
Should ever be forgot!’

-EVE Online folklore


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