Gateron Keyswitches and Where to Find Them

So, I sometimes build/tinker with mechanical keyboards, and Gateron keyswitches are my favorite all-round (MX-compatible) brand to use. This week I noticed that there was a drop for Gaterons active on Massdrop, so I was looking at ordering some Gateron Yellows and Clears. However, looking at the comments section of the drop, I came across a post by user ARCFXX recommending MecKeyAlpha as a supplier.

Since it looks like the currently ongoing Massdrop… er… drop will only ship in Feb 2018 (so something like 3 months from now), I figure it’s worth a shot. Added bonus: the price is (very) right. Pretty much as low as I’ve seen them at $0.16 per switch (and they don’t take 3 months to ship). Oh, and I can order as many or as few as I need, not necessarily in 120 switch increments.

So as I’m currently planning on building 2 Gherkins to use for programmable macro pads, and I want, at some point, to change the brown switches in a GH60 I have, I’m ordering 62 Gateron Yellow and 62 Gateron Clear. Why 62 of each? The Gherkins take 30 switches each and the GH60 actually needs 61. It’s always a good practice to have a few extra switches. I never got a bad switch from Gateron before, but you never know. You might mess up when soldering, for instance, however remote that possibility with through-hole components like keyswitches.

OK, there you go. Gaterons for cheap. They also sell Cherry MX varieties and Zealious 62g switches. Come to think of it, I’ll get a few Zealious as well.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with MecKeyAlpha, I saw a good deal, thought I’d pass it on. I’m going with these people because it’s cheap. A good alternative source of Gateron keyswitches is DoYu Studio on eBay. Or, you know, get them from Massdrop if you’re not in a hurry.




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